Leveraging Govt Scheme to benefit students opting for higher studies.

Thematic Domain: Vidya

“Shiksha Saarthi Programe”, Flagship Initiative of CGPL Mundra UMPP implemented by Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT).


The Census of 2011 reveals that the literacy rate in Kutch was 70.59 % against the state’s 79.31%. In comparison with the other Districts Kutch possess Continue reading

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1Drip enriched a lot is the response during visit taken of Punshibhai Meghrajbhai Gadhavi, a farmer of village Kandagara, tal. Mundra, one year after benefit taken by him of implementation of Drip Irrigation Scheme of Tata Power Community Development Trust.

We are four brothers and we have twelve acres of land and only one bore well. We all four brothers had three acres of land in their name. Continue reading

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A new lease of life for the fisherfolks

testimgA majority of the community engaged in pisciculture across Kutch is debt-ridden.Lack of regular income, due to largely inconsistent catch is a major reason behind the problem which is common phenomenon. Traditionally, fishermen have been taking loans from local traders at the start of each fishing season and this amount is used to buy fishing equipment which are vital for catching fish. To repay the debt, fishermen sell their catch to traders at a meager price and hence compromised with their bargaining power.

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Kanthi Area Livelihood Programme: Promoting animal husbandry

Lack of availability of fodder, coupled with severe water shortage has been a major concern in the entire Kutch region. As most of people living in the Kutch Region are engaged in animal husbandry, access to high-quality fodder is a must. Lack of adequate grazing lands has further added to the concerns of the local community members engaged in animal husbandry. 1

In a bid to address the issue, Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power instituted a couple of Gaushalas to launch Kanthi Area Livelihood Programme (KALP). Under the project, Tata Power has established Gauseva Trust in close consultations with the community and PRI and building Gaushalas (cow shelters) in the Kutch Region to help supplement cattle rearing and animal husbandry through regular fodder supply. The programme was initiated in 2009.  Continue reading

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Getting People to See the Light Through Sport

UntitledIn India, cricket is not just a sport; terming it such would be an understatement. The people working behind the scenes for the Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) understand the significance of sports as an integral part of India’s culture, heritage and also for youth mobilization. Now, the question arises: Why is sports an integral part of our culture? It is because the any games brings together people under one umbrella. It encourages people across different regions, castes and creed etc. to come together and overthrow cultural differences. CGPL saw this as an opportunity to channelise the fishing community’s energy by making them participate in a cricket tournament. Continue reading

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