Press release: Tata Power Mundra UMPP Installs Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structures in Modhva Village, Gujarat under the ‘Sagarbandhu’ project

Ahmedabad, Delhi & Mumbai, December 09, 2013

Partners with Aga Khan Rural Support Program to drive the initiative

Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power utility has always been a frontrunner in driving initiatives towards environment conservation. In line with this, Tata Power through its wholly-owned subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) in association with Aga Khan Rural Support Program installed Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structures (RRWHS) at Modhva village under the ‘Sagarbandhu’ project.

The objective of installing the RRWHS in the village was to generate awareness on proper usage of natural resources by providing an independent water supply. These structures can be easily installed and operated to mitigate the unavailability of water issues. This initiative will help the women of the village to get water at their door step. Moreover, it will not only ensure continual supply of water in times of droughts, but will also prevent flooding in low-lying areas. RRWHS will help in replenishing the ground water table thus enabling dug wells and bore wells to sustain adequate water.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. K.K Sharma, Executive Director & CEO, CGPL commented, “RRWHS will promote both water and energy conservation.We at Tata Power give utmost importance to the conservation and protection of the environment. This initiative is a significant achievement and has come a long way in helping reduce the drinking water crisis in the region. We look forward to many such initiatives for the betterment of the community.

Community work by CGPL

Coastal Gujarat Power Limited has begun the journey of engaging its neighboring communities to address their developmental needs and issues. A systematic strategy has been followed for the identification and grouping of stakeholders based on their influence, leading to a phased stakeholder dialogue. It includes exploring and engaging, building and formalizing, implementing actions and then continuously evaluating in a manner that institutionalizes relationship with communities.  The programs and their outcomes are aligned to achieve high level of impact and level of sustenance. The above strategy has taken the Company to a journey that spans the themes of education, health, income generation and livelihood, Safe drinking water, rural energy, natural resource management, infrastructure and institution building.

About Coastal Gujarat Project Ltd (CGPL):

CGPL is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed for setting up and operating the 4000 MW Mundra UMPP. CGPL has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with seven procurers (distribution licensees) from five states i.e. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab for the sale of contracted capacity. The Mundra Power Project, India’s first UMPP is progressing well and the first unit is close to commissioning.

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