Community Stakeholders on Promoting Art and Tradition

Festivals and events have impacts that go well beyond what can be measured in economic terms. Mundra UMPP team organized three major events for recreation and overall development of local communities. One was ‘Lok Dayro’, a cultural promotion event to bring different groups in villages together, to plan and discuss local problems and solutions. Bal Utsav, organized in Tunda village was an event celebrating children’s talents in art and craft, showcasing them to parents, teachers and other community members. International Women’s day was celebrated to recognize the importance of women in society.KalubhaKanubha, Tragadi Lok Dayro Program

“The Lok Dayro initiated by CGPL is a unique program which brings together different people from the community to mutually enjoy, plan, decide on priorities, contribute to, and work for, collective development of the village. All those who attend the program make some monetary contributions for village development. The collected money from the community gives us more savings and collections to do work in the village. Contributions in a group are much higher which is not possible in isolation. Last year we collected Rs.12,000 from 50 people. The funds collected were utilized for constructing lakes, ponds, undertaking well recharges, farm bunding, building infrastructure, etc. for the village. At the Lok Dayro, we sing ‘bhajans’ (hymns) and hear spiritual preaching to instill values of peace and harmony. The Lok Dayro program reduces caste issues and brings members of different communities together. We need to organize more programs like this to spread awareness on social ills and educate people on good practices. This event would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of CGPL.”

Rekhaba VaghelaRekhaba Vaghela, 21 years old, Mota Kandagara village Teacher – Bal Utsav

“I have been teaching for the past 3 years and have observed how people have now become interested in education since there are more companies in the area and opportunities for jobs have increased. The village has changed drastically since CGPL. Regular events and activity programs keep children enthusiastic and interested in school. Under Bal Utsav, students from 5th to 8th standards and drop out children, made various art work displays for one day and there was an exhibition on the next day in the school. Teachers taught children art and craft, to make use of waste paper, paper bags, gift boxes, zari works, kites, etc. Through the Bal Utsav program, they exhibited their learning throughout the year and showcased their thought processes and understanding with the medium of art and craft. It was a move away from academics and studies, and they could choose activities that interested them. There should be an increase in these kinds of programs, more teachers and trainers should be called to undertake these sessions, and more children and classes should be included. The program added knowledge, skills and experience to the children and their parents and should definitely be continued”.

NitabenNitaben, 40 years old, Tunda village Participant – Women’s Day Celebrations

“On International Women’s day in 2011, CGPL organized an exposure visit for women from surrounding villages. All of us were taken to a tourist memorial hall in the vicinity. We were shown different plays on social issues like dowry, girl child, alcohol ills, about Mission Mangalam, and its benefits. It gave us women, a good exposure to things outside the village and a better knowledge on different interesting topics. Everyone went together so it increased the community unity and we had great fun. Women don’t get enough opportunity to move out of their homes, which CGPL has realized and makes extra efforts to coordinate and organize such fun outings and events for us. This makes us feel very special and increases our importance in our community and society”.

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