Entrepreneurs – contractors & suppliers beneficiaries from Mundra UMPP

Mundra UMPP created livelihood opportunities, utilizing local labour and manpower. In addition to providing employment, it also sought to increase the skills of the people in the neighboring communities.For enhancing capabilities, the locally employed labour is being skilled and trained in soft skills like management, English speaking, confidence building, computers and personality development.


Livelihood opportunities in the area have also increased for local community by creation of direct, indirect employment and entrepreneurship as vendors and suppliers (of things like milk, supply of labour and construction materials, etc) & other ancillaries. Many Nurseries & green areas have been developed under a corporate Green Belt Project which provides considerable amount of jobs in the surrounding villages and also helps in conserving the environment.

pethabhai-rabariPethabhai Rabari, 36 years old, Tunda-Vandh villageProvision store contract

“My family was running a provision store in the village since many years. When Mundra UMPP was established in our village it gave me the contract to run another provision store in the Plant’s labour colony area. A second store has almost doubled our family income since all the laborers buy their daily ration from our store. Income from the plant has greatly increased our standard of living. We have been investing the additional income in our children’s education. There are many others who have been given such kind of contracts, helping to overcome limited resources and opportunities in the village.”

MamubhaiMamubhai, 30 years old, Vandh village Contractor

“Before this Mundra UMPP project, we used to farm only in the monsoon and had about 12 cattle from which we sold milk the rest of the year. When Mndra UMPP was formed, my family was offered the contract to maintain the Labor colony as well as one of the Green belts. I along with my brother have been handling these two contracts from the last 2 and half years. With the contract work my family’s income has tremendously increased, which I could never imagine 5 years ago.”

LakhibenLakhiben, 55 years old, Tunda-Vandh villageGreen Belt worker

“I have been involved in embroidery work all my life. The work was very irregular without any substantial income. I could never take any financial decisions because of the uneven nature of my income. A few years ago, CGPL has provided me an opportunity to work in the green belt which is a nursery. My income flow has been steady and has bought solidity in my life and finances. I get regular work and my income has increased by over 10%. Many women from my village have been recruited along with me to maintain the green belt. I look after watering of the plants, spraying pesticides, planting new seeds and other regular maintenance work. The company is always positive and strives to provide alternate livelihood opportunities and we are very grateful to them.”

Abdulbhai MaraAbdulbhai Mara, 55 year Old ‘Kutchi Bhunga’ artisan

“’Kutchi Bhunga’ is an art passed on to me from my ancestors. It is an art that only three people have originally learnt and has now been passed on to over 50 people in Kutch. The art is used in construction, using cow dung and other traditional material for the mix, which works as self coolants. Such a structure not only saves energy for the organization but at the same time promotes an age old art of the region. CGPL wanted to construct an office in their Gaushala (animal shed) area. They have hired many traditional artists like my-self and many people locally, to construct the office space. Mundra UMPP has taken an important step towards saving the traditional art in the region and preserving cultural heritage and architecture. They have maintained their policy of using local manpower which is very satisfying to our community. I hope that other companies also follow their initiative.”

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