Local Recruitees

Jadeja Parakramsinh Jadeja Parakramsinh, 28 years old, Tunda villageAssistant Accountant, CGPL“Mundra UMPP has given a new direction to my life by employing me. Along with working with the company, I am also pursuing my Bachelors degree. Today in India, English has become the business language. One cannot progress in their job unless they have a grip over the language. Understanding of the language increases one’s chances of employability and growth. Taking in view these factors, people from my villages and the nearby villages who work for CGPL, asked the team to take evening Spoken English classes. Before the English classes it was very difficult for me to grasp what my seniors were talking about, I could never completely be a part of discussions. These classes have helped my language understanding and communication. For all the accounting and legal work only computers are used, where I had issues in understanding the text. After attending the classes I can make legal agreements, use excel sheets and word documents. I was only maintaining documents before, but now with better English I have been given more responsibilities. These classes have truly expanded my exposure and learning prospects for a successful career.

There are very few Graduates in the village, most of them can’t read or write in English and thus they don’t have good job prospects. The company is very proactive to help the village in their development. One of the important benefits to the youth has been a better understanding as to which degree to pursue and what job prospects each degree holds. With such opportunities in the area, migration to cities for work has reduced. People can now be successful and make money while being in their villages along with their beloved families.”

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