Government officials on Mundra UMPP & its Community initiatives

Government & opinion leaders have always supported the Mundra UMPP and the initiatives taken by it for community engagement & development.Panneervel (I.A.S), RetiredPanneervel (I.A.S), Retired Ex Principal Secretary, Labour and Employment Department,Government of GujaratDirector General, Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute “I have been in Kutch since the 1980s when the area was severely under developed. Economic and social development ushered into Kutch, after the 2001 earthquake, when industrial investments picked up rapid pace. Mundra started developing much before that because of its long coastline and established port. Development of the Mundra Port led to many ancillary industries starting in the area which gave a huge push to self employment. People also have increased employment opportunities due to the establishment of industries like CGPL. Above increasing employment levels in the area, CGPL has been a step ahead in supporting surrounding communities. The Gaushala (cowshed) initiative has been a benchmark project for promoting and protecting animal husbandry as an occupation. Villagers have been enthusiastic about the initiative as it provides regular fodder, needed to enhance incomes from animal husbandry. I have circulated, informed and presented this practice amongst many organizations, Government bodies and to the Cabinet Ministry. CGPL has also invested in improving grazing lands in these areas, which has made the milk yield of the cattle higher thereby, increasing the income of the villagers. Their efforts to enhance livelihoods in traditional occupations have been a great boon in surrounding areas. They have undertaken interventions in various other thematic areas for holistic development of their neighboring communities. I am certain that through its sustained and focused CR initiatives, CGPL will add significantly to the momentum of growth and development in Mundra.”

“The Fisheries and Port Department primarily focuses on the development of marine talukas and districts by working extensively towards livelihood up gradation in these areas. A number of schemes for the social and economic upliftment of fishermen communities have been devised and upgraded. These include provision of subsidized solar lights, kerosene and fishing nets along with marketing subsidies across all coastal districts. The department works to ensure fishermen security, boat registrations, assistance in procuring fishing licenses, regular monitoring of livelihood conditions and preparation of bio metric cards for fishermen. Our work and programs are strengthened by our partnerships with different organizations. CGPL is one of the most noteworthy of them.
In Mundra, small sized fishermen don’t have equipments and find it difficult to survive from traditional farming methods. Many complain of pollution, causing deterrence in their professions. Majority of them lack basic infrastructure in their villages and at their work sites. CGPL has recognized and made ample efforts in the direction of improving their situations. Modern equipments for fishing have been provided by CGPL to the fishermen community in addition to cooking pans, solar lights, etc. which enhances their quality of living and the profitability from fishing. They have given top priority to increase education levels and infrastructure in their surrounding villages. They provide assistance with a bottom up, participatory approach and always make efforts looking at local contexts and needs. CGPL is doing substantial work for fishermen and constantly aim to build stronger links to their stakeholders and people from their surrounding village communities.”

Dr. P.C. Mali
Assistant Director, Fisheries Department , Government of Gujarat

Kirti bhaiKirti bhai Ex Sarpanch, Tunda and Vandh village

“Employment is required for sustainability and empowerment of people. 5 years ago, employment opportunities were scarce. Rain fed agriculture, animal husbandry and handicrafts prevailed as main occupations which gave people measly incomes. With the advent of companies in the area, employment increased in construction work and ancillary industries and shops.

There has been a constant dialogue between the village and CGPL to improve employment options. The CR team has been very forthcoming in this regard and plans to conduct baseline surveys pertaining to employment provision. The importance of education has been realized in our village since people have understood that jobs would only be provided to those who are academically qualified and those who are unskilled and uneducated would not be able to get jobs. CGPL has done commendable work for the development of infrastructure in our villages. Construction of Community Halls (Samajwadis), a state of the art cricket ground, gardens, animal sheds, street lights, RO water plants, etc. has increased amenities and built sustainable social capital. CGPL’s team constantly conducts meetings with us and consults us on developmental and other social issues through the VDAC. Health issues also exist in the village to a great extent. People have to travel more than 15 kms to reach a hospital. CGPL caters to this problem through their health camps. They are always consulting us and finding solutions to address social and economic problems. These various interventions and interactions have made CGPL very popular amongst my village community.”

Anwar HussainAnwar Hussain Sarpanch, Tragadi village

“The company has undertaken varied initiatives for the development of the village. There were no social and economic provisions in the village before, now there are development efforts and employment opportunities all around us. They have provided extensive livelihood support, tools to fishermen like fishing nets, built approach roads to our community and invested in other infrastructure amenities. These interventions have helped fishermen increase their productivity and in turn their income levels. Education stands as a very important part in any area’s development. With their various interventions in education the area will definitely prosper in the coming years. We are certain that the company’s presence will bring in a new wave of development for our village. Our journey for prosperity and development with CGPL has started, with a focus on partnerships, and we believe that together we will be able to build a sustainable and happy community.”

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