Opinion leaders on Mundra UMPP

LalRambhiaLalrambhia Opinion Leader, Nana Bhadiya

A few years ago, the problems in Mundra were many. Issues of water scarcity and salinity, ailments like cardiac problems, joint pains, child mortality, lack of education, etc. were widely prevalent. CGPL entered our villages by gaining people’s confidence through community dialogue and participation.

I oversee the operations of an education trust. Primary education is a major issue in rural areas. The mentality of parents against education, higher education facilities being very far, the entire village catchment area having only one school, etc are some of the many reasons for low education levels. CGPL has aided the development of education through its varied programs. They are currently discussing to start a bus service for children in different villages. This will increase enrollment and attendance levels due to increased accessibility to schools. Medical check-ups for children are also done by CGPL in schools. They set up RO plants in collaboration with local bodies which led to ownership and recycled income in the village. Earlier, people did not know or understand what development is. Local residents had no exposure. The company has led to vision broadening of people. Dams and regular water availability in villages has increased living standards. Job opportunities have increased and so education has been given more importance. The community halls that CGPL built have strengthened associations and facilitated meetings for discussions on development issues. ‘Kutchis’ have a very important role to play in CGPL’s development and the company always acknowledges that. CGPL has a great reputation and we have a lot of confidence in their abilities to solve problems. Wonders will be created with CGPL- Tata Power’s dedication and commitment to community development.GametiGameti Ex Taluka Development Officer, Mandvi
Mundra and Mandvi villages have seen many positive changes with CGPL’s efforts. In the next five years I see a higher economic growth of the area, nearby land prices will increase and in turn benefit the people. The public spaces and gardens constructed by CGPL have been beneficial to the community and increased mobilization and recreation of people. The launch of the educational learning stations in the name of SUJAAN, have been of great help to us to increase education facilities and spark the interest in students to attend school. CGPL has given educational kits for students; this has attracted more student enrollments and less drop outs in the area. The schools have requested for more educational kits for the coming academic year and CGPL has readily agreed to support this initiative. They are always supportive and helpful when required, in this similar fashion. CGPL has ushered in a new dynamism and positive outlook in people with their efforts.Add New Post ‹ — WordPressDr Gyanshwar Rao, Chairman, Accord Group of Hospital, Bhuj and managing Trustee KCRC, BhujMy hospital, which caters to deaf and differently abled individuals, has a very cordial and mutually respectful relationship with CGPL. The company has always been forthcoming and helped with any required investments, infrastructure or medicines for our hospital. In the context of CGPL, I have to narrate one of the many incidents which proved to me how responsible and caring CGPL is towards the community. There was a fire in the village and one woman suffered serious burns and was brought to our hospital. CGPL team members called our hospital and told us to take care of her and not to worry about the expenses. This was very touching since they did not have any vested interests in her well being but were genuinely concerned about the effects of the fire on people of the village. They have made many interventions in education, health and infrastructure, and are truly doing a fantastic job in looking after villagers.

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