CGPL ensures good health in its neighborhood

Tata Power is widely recognized as a Neighbor of Choice. It is evident from its Community Relations initiative which proactively targets at improving the social well being and quality of life of communities in the vicinity of its operation by addressing sustainable development issues of national, regional and local importance. Tata Power CR initiatives aim at addressing key development issues of education, health and livelihood under its principle of strategic engagement with communities.

Coastal Gujarat Power Limited, 100% subsidiary of Tata Power is located at Mundra in Kutch Region. After establishing benchmark project of 4000 MW capacity with supercritical thermal technology ensuring all environmental safeguards, Team Mundra is also aiming to benchmark and be an exemplar for its efforts and engagement in the community for their health.

CGPL has proactively engaged with community and organizations who also believe in sustainable development as a collective responsibility. It has established mobile health centres and is conducting extensive medical health camps of generic and specific nature in the surrounding villages. In such Medical camps conducted throughout the year, medical consultancy and medicines are distributed to villages free of cost. Early diagnosis of diseases has led to early treatments and ensured health of the communities which is also a prime requirement of social well being. To cater the health need of the community in systematic fashion, CGPL has partnered with Bhojaya Sarvodaya Trust and is implementing the health camps program and specialized camps in the vicinity with referral facility. Health camps are conducted in association with Village panchayats, community and opinion leaders. Further, details of health camps are announced in advance through newspaper/leaflets so that benefits of health camps can be availed by maximum people. One important particularity of these health camps are distribution of health cards through which progress of health of an individual is monitored through panel of specialized doctors. CGPL has also associated with Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust Hospital wherein patients can be referred in case of further medical treatment if found necessary during the camp.

Recently, Under Project “Arogya”, CGPL organized 2nd phase of School Health camp on 19th March, 2014 in Vandh primary school which has earlier successfully covered other schools around the vicinity viz. in the village Tunda, Mota kandagara and Nana Bhadiya. This was a theme based camp based dental treatment for the school going children. During the camp, 53 students got their teeth diagnosed by the expert doctors. During the dental camp modern equipments were used which was fitted in a specialized van. The children were treated inside the specially designed van. The camp commenced on 19th March, 2014 from 11:00 am and continued till evening wherein children were given treatment for scaling, filling, RCT and few of them were referred to hospital for further treatment.

The Camp was well appreciated by the teachers along with the community of Vandh village. They applauded the efforts demonstrated by CGPL for the school children.

CGPL has set up systematic routine where every month health camp is organized necessarily for the fisher folk staying at Tragadi Bunder, as it was felt by Community and CGPL that by providing proper health care to the community and increase the awareness on various aspects of health and hygiene, general health can be improved  and illness can be prevented.

Under this ambitious project Arogya, CGPL has also engaged with fisher folk families at Tragadi Bunder on 16th March, 2014 through organizing a community health camp. This one day camp was organized jointly by CGPL and Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust. The participation of CGPL employees at this camp organized on a holiday was noteworthy whereas equally noteworthy was the overwhelming response of community through their participation. Diagnosis was done by two specialist doctors and total 124 people were benefitted from this health camp. It was accompanied by complimentary snacks distributed by CGPL to all beneficiaries.

Each camp ends with a consultation with community about any specific intervention which may be needed for further improvisation of the camp. Indeed, these health care programs leave a significant impact in terms of providing better health care to the community .




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