CGPL’s ‘art of giving’

A project is successful only when it aims at an inclusive growth. Believing in this mantra, The Coastal Gujarat Private Limited (CGPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Company, is continuously excelling the ‘level of engagement with local communities’, The Company has been constantly working towards community engagement activities and development activities of the areas in and around its plant – over 6 catchment villages – Tunda-Vandh, Mota Kandagra of Mundra; Nanabhadia, Tragadi and Modva of Mandvi Taluka of Kutch.

“For us, a committed partnership with the people living in and around our project site is a key component of a stable and healthy enterprise” says a CGPL spokesperson. The Company engages with the locals in the area, on a range of issues – supplying fodder for the cattle, installing solar lights in fishing boats, setting up schools at the remotest corners of Kutch, organising community RO plants in all the severely water stressed villages –CGPL has a presence in all aspects of life of an average resident villager. And its attention is not limited to basic essentials only. For instance, even while introducing a host of income generation initiatives among the communities it has focused its attention on the traditional occupation of the people living in and around the area, one of the most popular ones being local art and handicrafts.

As a part of this initiative, CGPL has always supported  NGO expert Kalaraksha Trust, a grass root level social enterprise, committed to the task of preserving traditional art forms in the area by way of training and promoting local artisans. At the end of a year-long training programme, an exhibition/ fair is organised for the artisans of Kalaraksha Trust that aims at apprising the locals about new design principles and give artisans more product options, thereby making the output/product more market-oriented. This exhibition attracts thousands to visitors every year who also show interest in buying the handicrafts and in explore the new product designing in the field of handicraft.

 CGPL’s this initiative has helped a lot of local artisans to revive the old art and also gain monetary value out of the Company’s activities.


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