CGPL continues to work towards progressed living of people

Block by block

Roads, schools, hospitals, banks, shops, sanitation facilities, phone and internet – physical infrastructure does play a key role in better evolving a developing area. Coastal Gujarat Private Limited (CGPL), the wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Company, has established that these are essential for a balanced and wholesome growth of a village or a cluster of villages. The Company has made a determined bid to mobilise local communities living in the six catchment villages at the site of the Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP), its mammoth scheme, located in Kutch, Gujarat. And it has made significant progress in constructing a range of structures (from cricket grounds to toilets), ploughing in money to develop public spaces.

“Planned development of infrastructure in rural areas bolsters rural economy and improves quality of life. It promotes productivity and increases agricultural incomes,” explains a senior staff member of CGPL.

Building bonds

CGPL works with communities to build, repair and renovate infrastructure for progressed living, thereby evoking enthusiastic response from the locals. This includes community halls for villages, classrooms, boundary walls, children‘s parks, cricket ground and stadium. And this is not limited to fun and games only. CGPL never lets its attention stray from the basic necessities of life – hundreds of toilets have been built in a bid to improve the sanitation profile of the region. Today, a few villages have even achieved 100 per cent individual sanitation units, an achievement that has been recognised and appreciated by representatives of the state government of Gujarat.

By creating various need-based community infrastructures, CGPL continues to strive to improve the quality of life in its neighbouring communities. Following a recent request made by the Gram Panchayat of Vandh village, the Company is facilitating the construction of a 500-meter road to the village.

CGPL calling…

The primary objective of all infrastructure projects is to connect people with the new markets, new businesses, new incomes and new opportunities. CGPL is committed to the task of connecting the people of Kutch to the rest of the world, and making their bond stronger and more secure.

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