Viva Volunteers

Tragadi Bunder is a tiny unrecognized bunder tucked away in the vast contours of coastal Kutch in Gujarat. For the several years it has provided shelter, albeit a temporary one, to the few hundred migrant fisherfolk who spend the entire fishing season, about nine months in a year, struggling to survive here. It’s been a bitter battle as the living conditions in Tragadi are hostile –plagued by bare minimum amenities and polluted resources. However, gusts of fresh air, ushering in sweeping changes, have been blowing in this region, ever since Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Company, identified this area as the site for its ambitious project the 4000MW Ultra Mega Power Plant. It encompasses not only Tragadi Bunder but  other catchment villages that lay within — Tunda-Vandh, Mota Kandagra of Mundra; Nanabhadia and Modva of Mandvi Taluka of Kutch. In this area, CGPL is continuously implementing the need based CSR activities which leads them towards attaining sustainability. 

Infact, the Company’s level of involvement was more than apparent when it organised         a ‘Tata Volunteering Week’ in Tragadi Bunder recently. Even though, CGPL is implementing Sagarbandhu Programme for holistic development of the fishermen community at the Tragadi bunder and other fishing village\hamlet nearby namely Modhva and Tragadi.  During the ‘Tata Volunteering Week’ 84 boat fishermen received fish drying material, a key ingredient in fisheries business, at the event. CGPL volunteers executed the event with a great deal of interest, enthusiasm and dedication. Interestingly, the decision to distribute drying material was taken not by the donors or the management, but by the Village Development Advisory Committee (VDAC), a representative body set up by CGPL at Tragadi Bunder, supported by the fishermen community at the outset.

“We constantly encourage our employees to engage with the communities we serve. From working in the domains of education, health, employment to infrastructure development and sustainability– corporate social responsibility is embedded in our founding principles and put into practice daily,” says Mr. K K Sharma ( CEO and Executive Director, CGPL)

No wonder, therefore, the ‘Employee Volunteering’ programme is treated as a ‘top priority’ issue by the Tata Power Management. In practice since 2013, the programme is monitored in the Website Volunteering System.

The Company has also come up with a booklet on Volunteering Guidelines which states “Any giving by an employee for public good including time, skill and other resources is known as Volunteering.” The Guidelines are applicable to all current and retired employees irrespective of organisational hierarchy, social and economic backgrounds. In fact, it takes pride in highlighting the diversity of situations in which the ‘givers’ live and work, and are yet driven by the same passion to contribute. The power of volunteering has always been a strength of CGPL where fellow colleagues devote their quality time for Social Development.

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