CGPL’s day out

At a time when the buzz around the Indian government’s much-talked about ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is at its loudest; when corporate entities of all sizes and categories are vying with each other to find new and more innovative means of expressing their commitment to this ‘mission to keep the infrastructure of urban India clean’; in the Tata Power camp it is business as usual. Because the country might be witnessing new trends in involving the Industry in nation building, Tata Power already has a legacy of being a proactive partner in all issues concerning sustainable development of local communities. And cleanliness, health and hygiene happen to be the focus areas of most of these projects. 

“Guided by the Founder’s Social Philosophy to give back to the society, independent studies and need based assessment is done in all the areas of the company’s operations to understand the socio-economic conditions of the neighborhood communities. The employees are regularly encouraged to volunteer and devote time and skill for social development. For instance, Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Company has executed a systematic strategy that has benefitted villages in Mundra and Mandvi taluka, in Kutch, Gujarat. Its efforts also engage communities in a sustainable manner and continue to nourish and handover the Tata legacy generation after generation,” says Anil Sardana, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Power.

UntitledLocated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, the CGPL project is spread primarily over 6 catchment villages. Tunda-Vandh, Mota Kandagra of Mundra; Nanabhadia, Tragadi and Modva of Mandvi Taluka of Kutch.  Its authorities recently organised a Tata Engage Volunteering Week to clean up Mandvi beach in collaboration with the Mandvi Nagarpalika (municipality).  As per the CGPL guidelines, ‘The aim of the Volunteering Week is to sensitise the employees to social causes, encourage them to get involved in the community, and provide them opportunities to devote their time and skills to help vulnerable and deprived communities’.

UntitledFor the local population of Mandvi, the condition of the beach and its maintenance regime are of great significance. On 19 September, to mark and commemorate the International Beach Cleaning Day which is celebrated every year by the global community, CGPL organizes a Cleanliness Drive at Mandvi Beach.

Untitled The cleaning equipment was arranged for by the Mandvi Municipal Corporation. Mr. Arvind Bhai Gohil (President, Mandvi Nagarpalika) and Mr. Sanjay Bhai Patel (Chief Officer, Mandvi Nagarpalika) were also present at the event, along with their teams. In the event 37 CGPL volunteers, helped by 20 cleaning cell staff of the municipal corporation, toiled hard to clean the beach, in a bid to make the daily chores of the local people and for the tourists. The volunteering work by CGPL volunteers was greatly appreciated by the Mandvi Municipal Cor

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