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Bio gas to drive Green Villages

Bio gas is a mix of a variety of gases produced from raw materials that are usually discarded as garbage—like dead trees, left over crops  and other kinds of  agricultural waste, livestock manure or dung, sewage or food waste. It … Continue reading

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CGPL keeps an eye on health

Astonishingly a delicate ‘hand’ embroidery turns an ordinary piece of cloth into an item to treasure, the riot of delicious colours on a ‘tie and dye’ show piece. These are some of the much-acclaimed, much-in-demand traditional art forms–kept alive by … Continue reading

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Fun-learning with Shiksha Saarthi

For the past ten years the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), a mammoth household survey that covers every district in India, has been diligently monitoring learning levels of children in primary schools. Its findings are quite shocking. About 50 … Continue reading

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