Bio gas to drive Green Villages

Bio gas is a mix of a variety of gases produced from raw materials that are usually discarded as garbage—like dead trees, left over crops  and other kinds of  agricultural waste, livestock manure or dung, sewage or food waste. It is a renewable energy source with a notably small carbon footprint. Not surprisingly, therefore, setting up biogas plants features prominently in the action plan of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) the wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power. 

The objective is to create a cluster of “Green Villages” that run on sustainable energy. The Company’s testing ground is the set of catchment villages that lie within the site of its flagship scheme, the 4000 MW Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project, located in the coastlands of the Kutch district in Gujarat, and the local communities are its target group.

The initiative encourages villagers to use household bio gas plants. This year in consultation with the village Panchayat 30 beneficiaries from five villages have been chosen for the first phase of biogas plant installation.

For Tata Power the concept of Sustainability is the central theme. Like a common thread it runs through all the projects and programmes, connecting one to the other.

In the bio gas project the direct beneficiaries are the local rural people. Not only do the plants offer them a healthier, cleaner energy alternative, they enable the villagers to stake ownership and contribute in managing and funding the projects. It is particularly targeted towards villagers who are cattle owners and can use the dung for the bio gas plants. The benefits of using the plants are, in fact, manifold. While churning out clean fuel for kitchen use, the slurry created as a bi-product is used as manure in the crop fields.

CGPL has constantly endeavoured towards creating communities which is conscious of its responsibilities towards the environment. The Biogas plants equips villagers with a bouquet of benefits while utilising readily available natural resources which protects villagers from chronic diseases arising out of burning wood and coal.

CGPL means business. It has partnered with Sintex to set up the bio gas plants. And then to train the beneficiaries. The goal is to keep adding to the number of human species that can still plead not guilty to the charges of turning the planet into a boiling cauldron. At present they face extinction…………..




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