CGPL Sings of Safety

In a power plant, usually, the safety mechanism is installed only when all construction works are complete and the unit begins to operate. This is the prevailing practice in the industry. In Kutch district of Gujarat, at the project site of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), the wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power, it was put in place as soon as the first row of bricks was laid. And then the construction began. Clearly, the Company does not believe in taking chances with issues and policies that might in anyway affect the safety of its staff.

CGPL’s Safety Strategy has a unique approach. While it has opted for state-of-the-art technology  ­­to build a safe and accident-proof work zone, it strongly contends that the performance of the machines would depend completely on the skill and motivation of the users. Personal conduct and commitment of the workforce are critical factors at play here. CGPL has, therefore, focused its attention on influencing  the mind set and behaviour of its workers.

Here again, the company has strayed off the beaten path. It has roped in Aakar, an NGO, to ‘embed’ safety culture amidst the workers. So the Aakar team is engaged to work in the CGPL plant and stay in the Labour Colony. The members become a part of the community, and they manage to deliver the safety measure related messages in a manner that is refreshingly different from the regular workshop format. In Aakar’s safety induction programme, motivational training and personal behaviour are given as much importance as the technical sessions. NGO volunteers mingle with workers during recesses in the tea stalls dotting the project premises and discuss the significance of safety measures. Their main task is to get the message across–not by issuing a diktat– but by using entertainment and social functions as a form of expression.

They hold motivational talks in public places, such as the canteen, publish and circulate―Safety Patrika–a periodic magazine, and stage skits on issues concerning safety. They also arrange movie shows, drama theaters, musical nights and insert safety messages during breaks.

The good news is, the efforts have paid off. As per CGPL records the awareness level of the workers has taken a giant leap forward. Resistance to safety programmes and practices has plummeted. As a direct impact has reduction in the reported cases of accidents and minor injuries.

In other words, the ‘song and dance’ of safety measures has, in fact, paid CGPL rich dividends.

Source: Tata Power Mundra UMPP – Towards a Cleaner & Greener Future,

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