CGPL brings about a behavioural change on waste management

The problem of waste treatment is severe in rural areas across India where it is becoming increasingly difficult to collect, transport, dispose and reuse garbage. It is crucial to understand that proper waste treatment is an amalgamation of affordable technology, favourable regulations and effective waste management practices. Sustaining efforts for improvement of its communities, Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power Company, through its 100 per cent subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (CGPL) has reached yet another defining moment. This time, in partnership with Sahjeevan, CGPL is implementing an ambitious Waste Management Programme in and around its vicinity.

The main objective of this solid waste management programme is to strive for maximum waste recovery through sustainable use of biodegradable waste, recovery of waste and minimising waste disposal on to dump yard and landfills.

Through this initiative, the company aims to study:

  • Current waste disposal status and practices
  • Capacity building of panchayats of the identified villages, sanitation committee and their stakeholders
  • Ways to raise awareness and change perceptions
  • Collection and segregation of waste and linkages with different stakeholders for productive usage of waste

Spreading awareness about waste management is key to the success of this programme. So far CGPL has implemented the program across four identified villages namely Tunda-Vandh, Motakandagara, Nanabhadiya and Tragadi. To facilitate this, CGPL along with its partner agency plans to organise visits for people from other villages to these sites. These initiatives will be sustained through active participation of village panchayats.

Segregation of waste makes a huge difference to the process of waste management. One of the major interventions from CGPL was to pass a resolution for construction of segregation centres at Tragadi, Kandagra and Bhadia villages with support the support of Panchayats. A team of trained professionals have been deputed for the construction of the waste segregation centres. Moreover, the CGPL team has in consultation with the Panchayat and the village level committee are going to conduct various programmes to raise awareness on critical issues of cleanness, segregation of waste at the source and minimising the plastic usage.

CGPL has also conducted awareness programmes through street plays covering issues of cleanness in and around villages, segregation of waste at the source and ways to minimise the use of plastic. The street plays were a runaway success with participation from every sphere of the society.

Small steps taken from time to time can bring a huge difference. CGPL’s team is also employed in actively identifying active youths and panchayat members to impart training on waste management. These people will turn into community resource by championing waste management.

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