CGPL’s healthcare push in rural Gujarat

As part of its strategy before initiating any program, CGPL -CSR has always inbuilt mechanism for a thorough research study which has given a path and formulation of plan for program implementation and community engagement, hence in the line of the same a study team of qualified health professionals from TALEEM Research Foundation carefully examined the medical history of the rural population in the surrounding villages of CGPL. However, the study helped bring to light that a systematic intervention in health services in the villages is required. 

To reinforce the existing the healthcare facilities in the vicinity, CGPL launched various programs to boost healthcare services and the general hygiene and cleanliness in villages. One step that the CGPL took on was to undertake school and community health camps under Project Arogya. Through this, health services were provided to the community right at their doorstep, a convenience not seen before in these areas with many specialized health camps being undertaken over the years.

Another major issue in these areas is the condition of water and sanitation. Cleanliness drives have been conducted in villages to tackle this issue, community dustbins have been provided and regular fumigation services are also being undertaken and a major program on waste management in the villages has been initiated in association with the expert agency. The theme of the program is very clear – it is to make the village clean. To upgrade the level of sanitation, a closed drainage system has been installed in Mota Kandagara. In partnership with Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell has also undertaken Mandvi Block open defection program where the component of behaviours change communication has been given utmost importance along with construction of sanitation unit in collaboration with Government schemes. In some of the area, CGPL in partnership with Water and Sanitation Management Organisation (WASMO), L has also carried out a number of activities in the realm of drinking  water supply , water storage etc.   In association with nationally acclaimed agency HELPAGE, CGPL has also initiated the Mobile Medicare Unit which is available at the door steps of the beneficiaries in the villages nearby. The Mobile Medicare unit is fully equipped with professionally qualified medical practitioner, Social Mobilizer and distributing the free medicine to the villagers after proper diagnosis.

A number of Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants have also been installed in schools by CGPL under Project Swatch Jal schools, along with regular monitoring by CGPL and the community. Around 58 Schools in in the vicinity have benefitted from this program. Under the same program, CGPL has also distributed 221 water purifiers across various school. In addition to these activities, CGPL has provided 18 RO plants which has been installed in villages and these all are catering the needs of the community for their drinking water needs. . The machine, is supplied Tata Project and in operation under the close supervision of the village panchayat. Now the Panchayats are managing the entire operation maintenance of all these RO plants. A full time plant operator is also appointed from the village, additionally, drinking water pipelines along with water stand post have also been constructed to create a regular, clean water supply in Modhva. CGPL through its endeavour is catering the safe drinking needs of the community around, which has always been applauded by the community.

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