CGPL pushes educational excellence with the Shala Pravesh Utsav initiative

Education is one of India’s most burning issues with various government initiatives focused on boosting literacy rates across the country. Tata Power, through its 100 percent subsidiary, Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd. (CGPL), has been undertaking a number of sustainable development programs in the rural regions of Gujarat.

One of the special focus is on increasing the learning achievements among the students hence implementing an educational quality enhancement program titled “Shiksha Saarthi” for past 4 years. Through its initiative of Shiksha Saarthi, the ‘Shala Pravesh Utsav’, which CGPL has organised again in this year in close collaboration with the government of Gujarat. This program under Shiksha Saarthi has covered 42 schools across Mundra and Mandvi blocks in the district of Kutch in the state. The initiative aims at encouraging parents to enrol their wards in schools with an impetus being lent to educating the girls of the community.

During the ‘Shala Pravesh Utsav’ 2016, CGPL undertook various rallies that focussed on raising awareness among the rural communities of the state on the importance of educating children. The awareness drives were designed specially to motivate parents to enrol their children to schools across the district. Leaflets were distributed among various pockets of the community by CGPL, which highlighted various activities being undertaken to enhance the quality of education in local government schools. As the ‘Shala Pravesh Utsav’ scheme comes under CGPL’s Shiksha Saarthi programme, a mobile van from the initiative was also introduced during the event as an awareness tool to ensure maximum awareness reach to parents and new entrants to the school.

During the drive, over a thousand school kits were distributed to children who had just enrolled to schools in the two blocks of Kutch district. Apart from distributing school kits, students from class 1 to 5 also received notebooks that would help them in schools. To boost health and hygiene standards among students, nutrition kits were awarded to children who were nominated by the local Anganwadi workers.  During the Parvesh Utsav, RO plants which were also installed in 34 schools to ensure clean water is available through the year have been applauded by the community.

Holistic development of communities is key as we go forward and Tata Power has always prioritised boosting literacy levels as one of their topmost priorities in the state of Gujarat The initiative has been instrumental in motivating and encouraging parents to enrol their children to school and standards of education has been raised by organising the programme annually. For implementation of Shiksha Saarthi, CGPL has partnered with PRATHAM a nationally acclaimed agency in the field of Education.

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