Mother Involvement Activities – A CGPL initiative for holistic development

Since July 2014, CGPL in collaboration with Pratham, has actively organised various activities that help involve mothers in the education system in rural Gujarat. The Mother Involvement Activities program has seen key knowledge being imparted to mothers through a variety of awareness programmes. The curriculum was designed specially to help mothers engage with their children better and help them be ready for school, besides actively building awareness about several healthy food and feeding practices, basic health, and overall development of a child. 

The model followed to implement the Mother Involvement Activities program was to focus on mothers of students studying in grade 1 and 2. Over 2,850 children, spread across 38 villages, were reached out to through this program. The villages chosen as part of this program were the ones that weren’t targeted for either the Read India or Read India Plus camps.

Many Cluster Resource Leaders (CRLs) and volunteers were mobilised for this program. Language and arithmetic teaching was focused on and learning materials were distributed in the form of informative charts, reading cards, number cards and worksheets to the stakeholders of this program. This helped in equipping teachers to teach children of this age group better. The CRLs also interacted with mothers for the duration of time they spent in a village. Games were organised and activity cards were distributed to help mothers understand nutritional groups that would help them provide a better, diverse diet to their wards and ensure holistic development of a child.

The Mother Involvement Activities program was perceived as an opportunity by CGPL to build a better understanding among mothers regarding topics such as nutrition, health, and development of a children in their early years. With the number of activities conducted, CGPL has ensured a better environment for a child to grow up in within various rural regions of Gujarat.

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