CGPL shares best practices in waste management

The role of cleanliness in human progress is unquestionable. It was no surprise to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch the Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014 with the objective of building and maintaining a cleaner India. While infrastructure is a key component of any programme of this scale, seeking the right behavioural change is equally important for its success. Tata Power, through its wholly owned subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (CGPL), has always been committed to preserving the environment and spreading awareness about the same to the communities living around its operational areas.

Tunda is a village in Mundra taluka of Kachchh district. Recently, CGPL, along with its partner NGO Sahjeevan joined hands with the local Tunda Panchayat to organise a cleanliness drive in the village. The Taluka Development Officer and a few Government officials also showed their support for this initiative. This program is a part of CGPL’s Waste Management initiatives which cover five villages in the CGPL vicinity.

The main objective behind this initiative was to reinforce the importance of cleanliness by setting up an integrated waste management system in the village and spread knowledge about sanitation and waste disposal practices. As part of the drive, the CGPL team distributed dust bins to help the villagers segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste into separate bins. Villagers were asked to avoid littering which ensured maximum waste recovery through recycling and reuse.

A rally was also organised to create awareness among the villagers about waste management practices and how cleanliness can contribute to the overall progress of the community. CGPL reached out to 150 people with this drive including school children and teachers.


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