CGPL delivers health to the doorsteps of rural communities

Affordable and free healthcare is one of the major challenges faced by India. While things have improved significantly in metros and other cities, infrastructure to deliver healthcare services is hard to come by in the rural areas. Estimates by World Health Organization (WHO) point towards the fact that India needs an additional 1.5 million beds and three million doctors by 2034.

Through a slew of welfare initiatives, Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (CGPL), Tata Power’s wholly-owned subsidiary, has been bringing positive changes to the lives of communities living around its areas of operation by focusing on their health care. Medical camps in the village and specialised health camps have been organised by CGPL traditionally.

Joining hands with HelpAge India this year under Project Arogya, CGPL’s community relations team is organizing specialised health camps in villages across Mundra. Schools in villages of Faradi, Nani Khakhar, Masaka, Tragadi and Moti Khakhar are seeing a surge in number of students and their families who are visiting the schools to see what the health camps are offering. Young children are highly susceptible to diseases which can be avoided by taking necessary precautions and the specialised camps in schools create awareness 1)     awareness on prevention of health diseases.

At the end of every health camp, health cards are made for all patients. These come handy in tracking patient history and overall health history of the village. The data captured in the health cards is useful for devising long-term strategies to control major diseases affecting a community. This data will be further analysed to design future health camps.

Under the Arogya program, CGPL has also launched rural Mobile Medicare Unit (MMU) which currently provides doorstep healthcare services in 18 villages. After a schedule is put in place to cover all the villages, the MMU is taken to each village. This MMU has all the medical equipments which are used by well-trained doctors while examining patients. Also, free medicines are distributed to the villagers.

So far, more than 400 volunteers have supported these initiatives by sensitizing the villagers on the importance of personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle.

The community leaders are appreciating the efforts of employees of CGPL. Also, with the objective of taking health benefits to a wider section of the rural population, CGPL is converging its initiatives with various government schemes.

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