CGPL highlights the importance of groundwater management

India’s largest power company, Tata Power, has strived to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in the areas it operates in. Through its 100 percent subsidiary, CGPL, several initiatives have been launched that have directly benefitted the citizens of the area. Continuing this tradition, the Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT), conducted a workshop at the block level in association with Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT), Geo-Science Services (GSS), and Arogyam, a NGO which operates in the area. The workshop revolved around participatory groundwater management for Kankavati sandstone and aimed to mobilise more stakeholders along with CGPL to participate in the Participatory Ground Water Management in the region (PGWM).

The workshop proved to be a major stepping stone towards water security in the region. Attended by over 80 people from various strata of life, the workshop also saw participation by CGPL dignitaries, various departments of the government, NGOs and the corporate sector, along with various communities around the operational area.

Several topics were covered at the workshop. Information was shared regarding the aquifer regarding its geo-hydrological characteristics, while stakeholders were informed about various PGWM activities being carried out in other aquifer regions. Other topics covered included the PGWM concept, scientific research on the topic of groundwater conservation, importance of strategic planning, water resource development, agricultural intervention, community management and strong participation being a vital tool to bring about change.

Participants were sensitised towards the problem that root out of groundwater and how it can be better managed in the future. Its future scope was also discussed for partnerships that could lead to better implementation of the initiative. Views and feedback from the participants were recorded to ensure that future PGWM programmes would be better organised, ensuring a larger knowledge sharing platform. The workshop set a benchmark for other blocks in the region to follow to drive in a point about ground water conservation.

With the success of this workshop, CGPL, along with TPCDT, plans to organise more activities on this topic in the region. Imparting crucial new direction to the people in the region to manage ground water is a vital requirement to secure our future, and CGPL will ensure that this resource remains safe by taking major steps towards its conservation.



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