The impact of Shiksha Saarthi – a success story


Shiksha Saarthi has worked tirelessly in the Mandvi taluka of Kutch district to boost literacy levels amongst children. They have organised several Science Fairs over the past years along with initiatives to help children develop a a keen interest in the subject. In one such fair, held over two days, Raj, a playful sixth standard student from the tucked-away, bucolic village of Bidada, came along to explore the workshops .

The Science Fair helped Raj get in touch with Vignan Mitra, Dhara Mehta. During a model presentation on the first day, Raj was keenly taking notes, absorbing every detail regarding the activity in the presentation. He selected the Parallel Circuit model for his area of work during the workshop and promptly began research to understand the concepts behind the circuit.

At the end of the day, the young boy approached Dhara and requested if she could build him a circuit model. Dhara, in order to encourage his scientific acumen, urged him attempt building the model on his own and assured him of any guidance that he may need. With available guidance to help him and charged with excitement, Raj gathered further information about electric motors and where he could source them in Mandvi.

The next day, the boy visited the workshop with a circuit model created by him. The strokes of imagination in the young impressionable mind shone in his model, with a fan installed alongside a LED bulb, enough to get encourage Dhara to pay a visit to Raj’s school principal and teacher. She was amazed to learn that he was an active student in science classes undertaken at the school and that he regularly experimented with several scientific models at home.

Raj’s father, Mr. Girishbhai, is thankful to Shiksha Saarthi for their help in boosting in boosting his child’s interest in science. He acknowledged the group’s efforts and said, “Raj was very excited to participate in the Science Fair and had constantly tinkered and tried to create something new at home. We are thankful to Shiksha Saarthi’s team for this initiative to promote my son’s scientific interests.”

Raj’s story is just one such instance from the rural regions of Gujarat. CGPL is committed to building scientific acumen amongst the youth of our country as it’s a crucial component for a ward’s development and will continue to be so in the years to come.


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