Mandvi untitledtaluka of Kutch district in Gujarat state, one small village Bidada, located at 16 km away from Mandvi, Mandvi-Mundra road. One playful and naughty student from government school of village, student of class 6th named as Raj Girishbhai Kotak. Our Vignan Mitra, Dhara Mehta from Shiksha Sarthi Science team from Mandvi met Raj during the workshop under Science Fair of two days.

First day all students thought this boy might not get participated in the activities of workshop, but while model presentation on first day Raj was deeply concentrating on all the activities of presentation. During workshop Raj selected Parallel Circuit model to work on it. He understood the entire relevant concept and then he had explained it very cleanly.

During day end he came to Dhara Maheta and said “madam, can you please make one model for me I will pay you for it” Dhara replied “Ok I will do it for you but what you will do suppose this model will be destroyed? It would be better if you understood this concept and try to make model on your own. I will help you wherever you need”. Then he gathered information for buying electric motors and other parts required in preparation of model and left the workshop.

On second day when Dhara reach to school that boy run to her and took out one model from his bag and said “I have prepared the model on my own creation”. While showing model to Dhara Raj sparkles with sweet smile on his face with deep confident in his behavior. Surprisingly on first day he saw the model of Parallel Circuit and next day he made the same model not only with LED there was one small fan also fitted in model.

Dhara met Principal and class teacher of Raj and discussed Raj’s creativity. They said that, “Raj is very playful student. Raj always trying to avoid teaching process / classroom, he hasn’t interest to learn their subject, but he having lot of interest in Science. During the discussion on any science topic he is asking most number of questions to teachers. He is trying to experiment on model at home also.”

Mr. Girishbhai (Raj’s father) said that, “while Raj known that he is participating in Science Fair was very excited, continually trying to making something at home. Thank you very much to Shiksha Sarthi team.”

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