CGPL’s initiative to research and monitor ground water

Ground water is a precious resource that must be used sustainably to help regions optimise the sources of water that they use efficiently. CGPL has launched a number of activities and schemes to boost this resource, to keep at bay the possibility of a drought affecting the region.

Besides other initiatives, CGPL team has undertaken renovation of Faradi Dam, and along with this has also initiated a study to measure the efficiency of the reservoir. This activity was carried out in partnership with Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT), with an aim to support participatory irrigation management using both surface and groundwater resources.

ACT and CGPL have engaged in implementing the participatory groundwater management program in the region, while regularly measuring changes in water levels and quality through 1000 identified wells located on the Kankavati sandstone aquifer. Maps have been generated that reveal the situation of groundwater resources along the coast based on observable data.

Also, trainings of various stakeholders, including the local community has been undertaken besides extending support regularly to partners of the project for intervention design. Some key works undertaken under this initiative are:

  1. A monitoring network has been established for selected villages that will observe impact assessment on all implementation sites
  2. Drinking water sources and its sustainability in the villages around CGPL are being studied
  3. Using Geo Science Services (GSS), technical support is being imparted to water resource execution work
  4. A monthly and seasonal monitoring initiative is undertaken by local Bhujaljankars (community resource persons)
  5. A village level groundwater management committee has been set up, and focus has been given on their capacity building on the PGWM

Monitoring and researching these sources of ground water will go a long way in CGPL’s long-term vision of contributing to the area it operates in, helping increase lifestyle indicators of the community that is intricately intertwined in the operations of Tata Power in Mundra, Gujarat.

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