CGPL – Promoting animal husbandry and its sustainability


Animal rearing and husbandry is a primary source of income for communities in the area Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) operates in. Community members are often involved in selling milk and actively taking part in cattle trade. However, water scarcity is a glaring issue in this area and coupled with lack of grazing lands, availability of fodder is the main concern of local community members who are engaged in animal husbandry.

Identifying this area as a social need, CGPL collaborated with the local community members and the gram panchayat to tackle this issue. Two Gaushalas – the Shree Tunda Vandh Gauseva Charitable Trust and Shree Mota Kandagara Gauseva Charitable trust – have been established that engage in fodder provisions since its inception in 2008. Even to address the greater need of the cattle rearers for prevention of any diseases, CGPL-TPCDT has launched a comprehensive Project to address the issue ” Brucellosis” dieases among the cattle in partnership with one of the prominent agency of the regions named ” Abhiyan” . In this program , National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and Six Farmers Producers Gruops are also attached. The partnership of all the stakeholders has resulted into a very robust impact of the project.

By establishing Gaushalas, the immediate outcome has seen a greater availability of fodder for cattle, with availability of locally grown fodder also on the rise. The long-term outcomes out of this partnership make animal husbandry a profitable and sustainable occupation, while process and initiation for boosting the fodder sufficiency in the region.

CGPL has also partnered with Parjanya Ecology to develop local institutions and increase knowledge and capabilities among farmers on cultivating high varieties of fodder. Other benefits of this partnership have also seen in establishment of local institutions for managing natural resources, while fodder has seen a shift of perception as a “cash crop” for better market value.

Animal husbandry is a vital cog for the communities that inhabit the rural regions of Gujarat and making it a sustainable occupation will go a long way in its growth and ability to provide the community members with better means of sustenance. CGPL has been actively taking part in this initiative and will continue to do so in the future as well with the close partnership with the community and relevant stakeholders.  CGPL-TPCDT is also trying to strengthen the Gaushala Institutions and working on for further sustenance of Animal Husbandry Program in the region.

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