A little care, guidance, and motivation – Amar’s story

121211The Shiksha Saarthi program has been conducting the Teaching at Right Level (TaRL) program in the entire Mandvi block as part of CGPL’s commitment to boost the learning achievements in the area. A number of success stories have come out from this initiative, but today, we’ll focus on a student, Amar Patni’s journey with the program.

Mr. Velji Dhoriya, the Cluster Resource Leader (CRL) from the team, regularly visited the Mota Layja primary school as part of his plan to teach young children in the area. A number of children were actively participating in his activities, however, he noticed that Amar was aloof and disinterested in the activities he conducted at school. Mr. Dhoriya decided to investigate further to get Amar to participate in these educational activities.

He found out that Amar’s parents were uneducated and didn’t pay adequate attention to their son’s education. Mr. Dhoriya decided to meet his parents to discuss their son’s academic performance. On meeting them he learnt that Amar’s parents could not afford to devote time and attention to his education. Mr. Dhoriya recommended the Combined activities for Maximised Learning (CAMaL) for Amar and ensured that he got adequate study material.

Slowly, yet steadily, Amar’s parents started taking an interest in his studies and soon even Amar began started enjoying several TaRL activities. This also lead to an improvement in his academic performance. However, Amar was still hesitant to participate in class activities. Mr. Dhoriya organized a few games for Amar and his classmates so that he felt better included with the class, and soon, the progress was visible.

Amar now enjoys different activities in his school and participates enthusiastically in them. His learning levels have also increased and his command over alphabets has grown in the past few months. Ms. Sonalben Goshwami, Amar’s teacher, praised the Shiksha Saarthi Program by saying, “Before the introduction of CAMaL, we observed that Amar was not very keen with respect to academics. However, mentoring him has worked. Amar has taken interest in studies and games as well. He even enthusiastically learns alphabets from the Gujarati script. It is evident that Shiksha Saarthi is extending extra care, guidance and motivation to students and the results are very encouraging.”

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