Project ” Arogya” -Mobile Medical Units: Bringing healthcare to the elderly

Old age is generally characterized by illness, lack of family, community support and more importantly, the inability to access public services. It has been noted that this situation exacerbates in conditions of poverty and economic instability. Several elderly people living in the Kutch region of rural Gujarat have been victims of this situation wherein they have very limited access to quality healthcare facilities.

Several reports state that the people living in rural areas are required to travel long distances to avail medical facilities of poor quality. To counter this healthcare crisis, CGPL has been conducting health camps in various villages. Under project Arogya, CGPL provides necessary medical attention to the rural poor. Furthermore, CGPL emphasizes on educating the masses in preventive healthcare measures and personal hygiene.


In a bid to provide competent healthcare facilities to the rural poor, CGPL collaborated with Help Age India and launched its Mobile Medical Units (MMUs). The MMU is a team comprising a doctor (MBBS), a Pharmacist, a social protection officer, and a driver under the project titled “Arogya”. Currently, this initiative is spread across 14 villages in the Mundra district. These MMUs not only provides medical services but also provides nutritional advice and maintains a database for health record of patients for future references.

Project Arogya narrates many success stories like that of Jetha Naran Sangar and his wife Ranbai Jetha Sangar. Aged 86 and 75 years respectively, this couple has been looking after themselves after their daughters were married. Their son migrated to the city along with his family in search of better employment. Financial constraints, deteriorating health due to old age and lack of access to proper medical care resulted in Jetha and Ranbai becoming victims of chronic hypertension.

When Jetha was made aware of the Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) being operated in his village, he began visiting the MMU regularly for check-up and medication. Seeing the positive impact on her husband’s physical health, Ranbai too began availing the benefits of the MMU. Over the months, with regular check-up, medication and dietary advice from the MMU doctor, their hypertension was brought under control.

CGPL, with all its initiatives, has been helping people like Jetha and Ranbai in leading a healthy life by providing them with quality healthcare services. Nearly 2,000 people have been treated at the MMU. Women have been found to be the chief beneficiaries. The mobile health unit service has been no less than a boon for the rural poor living in the Kutch region. CGPL’s intervention has made it easier for people to lead a healthy life through efficient medical care.


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