1Drip enriched a lot is the response during visit taken of Punshibhai Meghrajbhai Gadhavi, a farmer of village Kandagara, tal. Mundra, one year after benefit taken by him of implementation of Drip Irrigation Scheme of Tata Power Community Development Trust.

We are four brothers and we have twelve acres of land and only one bore well. We all four brothers had three acres of land in their name. But ground water was going down and down due to dearth of water and availability of water was not enough. Consequently it led us to sow in the land of less than three acres of land. I could sow crop requiring less water e.g. black maize, wheat and fodder for animals. In such a time, Drip Irrigation Scheme was declared by Tata Power Community Development Trust, an institution of Tata Power –C.G.P.L. Company, situated in our area, working for community welfare. The scheme became a boon for the farmers in this area. May we never miss such fine opportunity? We, all four brother, immediately on having this information got details of the scheme from the friends in Tata Power Community Development Trust and applied for adoption of Drip Irrigation System as per the prescribed guidelines to Gujarat Green Revolution Company for my 3 acres of land. The total support received under the scheme was INR 1,12,369 (Rupees One Lakh Twelve Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine) out which I have paid only INR 21,850 (beneficiary share)
Firstly, I could irrigate in three acres in place of one and a half earlier due to application of Drip Irrigation System. We all four brother are benefited by Drip Irrigation System, but I express the benefit I have experienced. Firstly, the yield in the land was doubled due to drip irrigation. Secondly, there was no exercise of diverting of water, my elder son doing that job was freed and was employed as a driver in a nearby company. The difficulty of cattle breeding was reduced due to availability of fodder in the farm. We had to make water yard at night in the farm under the fear of bugs and insects. The emergence of waste-crop is reduced due to the drip and we are saved of it because emergence of waste-crop in water-flow system was very high. The consumption of water in Drip Irrigation is ¼ of the water consumed in water-flow irrigation system. The use of fertilizer is also reduced from four bags to one bag.

Thus, we are much benefitted by Drip System and that is why we say Drip ta nyal ke

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