Media Clippings

The Financial Express, Mumbai DNA, Mumbai
CERC panel report may mean Rs1,500-cr relief for Tata Power It’s a shame that situation now is not conducive to investment Anil Sardana, MD – Tata Power, DNA
Hindu Business Line Prabhat
Tata Power installs roof rain harvesting structures in Mundra
Gujarat Niti Prabhat
Tata Power installs unique ‘Light Pipes’ in Mundra Warehouse in Gujarat to save energy
Sandesh Vavad
Tata Power Mundra UMPP organizes Science Fair under Shiksha Sarathi Program
Akila Kutchh Mitra Sandesh
Tata Power distributes water purifier in 42 schools during their Science Fair organized at Mandvi, Gujarat
Tata-Power-installs-unique-'Light-Pipes-in-Mundra-Warehouse-Gujarat-save-energy-Gujarat-Neti-11july Tata-Power-installs-unique-Light-Pipes-in-Mundra-Warehouse-Gujarat-save-energy-Prabhat-11th-July
Tata Power installs unique ‘Light Pipes’ in Mundra Warehouse in Gujarat to save energy, Gujarat Neti – 11th July, 2013 Tata Power installs unique ‘Light Pipes’ in Mundra Warehouse in Gujarat to save energy, Prabhat – 11th July, 2013
Tata-Power-plans-1600-MW-extra-capacity-Mundra-29may13 Tata-Mundra-project-wil-supply-power-5States-1st-May
Tata Power plans 1600 MW extra capacity at Mundra – 29th May, 2013 Tata’s Mundra project will supply power to 5 states – 1st May, 2013
Ultra-Mega-Power-Problem-27-may What-helped-Mundra-Ultra-Mega-Power-plant-before-schedule-27th-May
Ultra Mega Power Problem, 27th May, 2013 What helped Mundra Ultra Mega Power plant before schedule – 27th May, 2013
Interview-with-Anil-Sardana-26-july-13 Interview-with-Anil-Sardana-26-july-13(1)
Interview with Anil Sardana – 26 July, 2013
UMMP Factor, 8th May, 2013
Mundra--UMPP-reflects-Tata-Power-commitment-the-nation-01-july-13 Mundra-UMPP-reflects-Tata-Power-commitment-the-nation-1st-July-2013(1) Mundra-UMPP-reflects-Tata-Power-commitment-to-nation-1st-July-2013-2)
Mundra UMPP reflects Tata Power’s commitment to the nation – 1st July,2013
Power-Watch-feb1 Power-Watch-feb2
Mundra UMPP: Lighting up lives
Power-Watch-feb2014-1 Power-Watch-feb2014-2 Power-Watch-feb2014-3
Power Watch Magazine on Mundra UMPP Community Initiatives.

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