CGPL: With fishermen, every step of the way

1My journey through the village of Tragadi Bunder in Gujarat has brought me closer to understanding the rural way of life. While having a leisurely evening stroll near the sea shore at Tragadi Bunder, I saw a group of fishermen returning home after spending a day at the sea. They’d had a great haul of fishing today, yet when I spoke to them about the variety of fish caught, they told me of the time it used to take to sort fish by species for the market.  Continue reading

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Innovation to the rescue: Pilot Cage fish culture in Kutch

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Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power has initiated cage fish culture in the Kutch region of Gujarat. It is a piloting exercise started by CGPL in the outfall channel. In this practice, the cage confines the fish in a mesh enclosure, making it easier to feed, observe and harvest them. The practice also helps in ascertaining the quality of water by considering the amount of dissolved oxygen in water.  The Cage is placed in outfall channel where fish and crabs are raised and fed very systematically.  It is anticipated that this method of cage fish culture could give local fishermen a viable model to replicate. The experiment has established that the water in the outfall channel is conducive for marine life. The survival and growth of the fishes are the indicators for this conclusion.  Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) had provided technical support to CGPL for cage fish culture. The pilot cage fish culture began with Cobia in 2012-13, a species of marine fish and was a first-of-its-kind initiative for the fishery sector. After several encouraging signs of cage fishing with cobia, CGPL has also begun raising crabs and several species of fish in cages. The project was launched after comprehensive rounds of consultation between CGPL and a team of prominent scientists, who looked into factors such as the region’s water quality. After showcasing proof that cages can be used to cultivate fish efficiently, the project has also been endorsed by the senior marine scientists at the Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology (GUIDE) in Bhuj. Continue reading

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CGPL: Steering fishermen out of troubled waters

With its vast coastal belt, Gujarat is India’s largest fish producer, with fisheries situated across a catchment area of 1600 Kms. Even in the blocks of Mundra and Mandvi, fishing is the primary occupation in the villages located around the coastal region. The area surrounding the coastline also houses the fishermen families engaged in Pisciculture (fish farming). 1

Over the years, a myriad of problems has emerged to make catching fish a challenge for local fishermen. Unstable markets, lack of awareness on modern fishing techniques and methods, combined with no availability of alternative employment opportunities make fish catching a daunting task. Continue reading

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Project ” Arogya” -Mobile Medical Units: Bringing healthcare to the elderly

Old age is generally characterized by illness, lack of family, community support and more importantly, the inability to access public services. It has been noted that this situation exacerbates in conditions of poverty and economic instability. Several elderly people living in the Kutch region of rural Gujarat have been victims of this situation wherein they have very limited access to quality healthcare facilities.

Several reports state that the people living in rural areas are required to travel long distances to avail medical facilities of poor quality. To counter this healthcare crisis, CGPL has been conducting health camps in various villages. Under project Arogya, CGPL provides necessary medical attention to the rural poor. Furthermore, CGPL emphasizes on educating the masses in preventive healthcare measures and personal hygiene.


Continue reading

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A little care, guidance, and motivation – Amar’s story

121211The Shiksha Saarthi program has been conducting the Teaching at Right Level (TaRL) program in the entire Mandvi block as part of CGPL’s commitment to boost the learning achievements in the area. A number of success stories have come out from this initiative, but today, we’ll focus on a student, Amar Patni’s journey with the program.

Mr. Velji Dhoriya, the Cluster Resource Leader (CRL) from the team, regularly visited the Mota Layja primary school as part of his plan to teach young children in the area. A number of children were actively participating in his activities, however, he noticed that Amar was aloof and disinterested in the activities he conducted at school. Mr. Dhoriya decided to investigate further to get Amar to participate in these educational activities. Continue reading

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