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Challenges to implement CGPL’s plan to boost literacy rates

Based on CGPL’s long-term commitment to boost literacy levels in the rural regions of Gujarat, the organisation has carried out various activities to engage children and encourage them to take up reading. However, a number of challenges still face CGPL … Continue reading

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Science Learning Program: CGPL’s contribution to build scientific acumen

It’s a well-known concept that learning is better when children engage more with the subject and understand concepts in a practical manner. To inculcate this concept in rural Gujarat, CGPL backed Pratham’s Science Learning Program has created an environment that … Continue reading

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CGPL takes a step to raise awareness about breastfeeding in Gujarat

Breastfeeding is an important aspect of a baby’s development. With a number of benefits for both the mother and baby, breastfeeding provides the ideal nutrition content for infants that includes vitamins, proteins and fat. CGPL, with its long-lasting ideology to … Continue reading

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The benefit of TaRL (TEACHING AT RIGHT LEVEL) program under “Shiksha Saarthi” program: A step towards better literacy rates

Building the basic competencies of students through a holistic learning process is an important step towards nation building. Keeping this in mind, the TaRL framework has been set up to create guidelines for teachers to plan activities that focus on … Continue reading

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CGPL and Coastal salinity Prevention Cell (Tata Trust) help village Nani Rayan of Mandvi Block to attain open defecation-free status

PM Narendra Modi has been emphasizing on the importance of an open defecation-free India and the crucial role government bodies and corporates can play in achieving this lofty target. Here’s a story of a village that’s doing its bit in … Continue reading

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