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Getting People to See the Light Through Sport

In India, cricket is not just a sport; terming it such would be an understatement. The people working behind the scenes for the Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) understand the significance of sports as an integral part of India’s culture, … Continue reading

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CGPL: With fishermen, every step of the way

My journey through the village of Tragadi Bunder in Gujarat has brought me closer to understanding the rural way of life. While having a leisurely evening stroll near the sea shore at Tragadi Bunder, I saw a group of fishermen … Continue reading

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CGPL’s initiative to assist fishermen community get more out of their catch

Fish drying (the process of removing water) is crucial to retain the freshness so that the catch can be sold in the market. Once again, fulfilling its commitment towards social and economic development of communities living in and around its … Continue reading

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Build institutions, Empower people

It is that time of the year when certain sections of the population take stock of the income and the reserves, and then plan for the upcoming fiscal year. For Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), the wholly owned subsidiary of … Continue reading

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Portrait of a water-wise hemlet

Being the ‘neighbour by choice’ of the communities living in and around its project sites, is the most keenly pursued goal that the Tata Power Company has set for itself. And every unit in this camp, irrespective of scale and … Continue reading

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